Mug Shot Noodles Chinese Style

16 April 2013

Looks like tape worm in a mug. Not very appetising. Even after the 5 minute guideline, the noodles are still crunchy. Nice Chinese flavours but a bit weak- though perhaps I added too much water. I had either a massive mug or a tiny mug, and I decided I’d rather be able to fit it… [Read More]

Mug Shot Creamy Cheese Pasta

27 May 2012

The pasta is still crunchy in places, but it is not entirely unpleasant- it’s as if there are crisps in my pasta dish. Tasty, rich cheesy sauce. Quick, easy instructions. I had doubts that the whole snack would fit in my mug so used a bowl; I’m glad, as I had a particularly small mug… [Read More]