Rustlers The Flame Grilled BBQ Rib

03 July 2013

Quick, convenient, tasty. The sauce makes it- you can’t taste much else. Nice chargrilled effect on the BBQ ribs. Soft bun. The price ranges a lot, from £1 to around £2.50. The star rating given in this review is based on a price of around £1.50.

Rustlers Flame Grilled BBQ Chicken

04 April 2013

Surprisingly dry, and disappointingly so. The bun is chewy and relies on your saliva to break it down- but you\’re unlikely to salivate at the thought of eating the preserved, charred hunk of chicken concealed within it. The BBQ sauce, though a welcome addition to the otherwise flavourless palate on offer, does little to help…. [Read More]

Rustlers The Flame Grilled Quarter Pounder

27 April 2012

Promising size, bigger than a Big Mac. The bun is too soft, but considering this has been heated in the microwave, I was expecting worse. This is a nice bun. I went against the instructions and put the cheese in before heating, it melted nicely. Very creamy, tasty. The Rustlers sauce is fundamental to the… [Read More]