Mug Shot reviews

Mug Shot Roast Chicken Pasta

Published on February 9th, 2019

“Fill to 15mm from brim and boiling water. Stir thoroughly”. As you can see, it doesn’t apply to my Mr Handsome mug. This ended up being a weird soupy broth for my pasta, which somehow managed to stay crunchy despite the ocean of hot water each pasta tube was now sitting in. I was hungry,… [Read More]

2 out of 5

Mug Shot Noodles Chinese Style

Published on April 16th, 2013

Looks like tape worm in a mug. Not very appetising. Even after the 5 minute guideline, the noodles are still crunchy. Nice Chinese flavours but a bit weak- though perhaps I added too much water. I had either a massive mug or a tiny mug, and I decided I’d rather be able to fit it… [Read More]

2 out of 5

Mug Shot Creamy Cheese Pasta

Published on May 27th, 2012

The pasta is still crunchy in places, but it is not entirely unpleasant- it’s as if there are crisps in my pasta dish. Tasty, rich cheesy sauce. Quick, easy instructions. I had doubts that the whole snack would fit in my mug so used a bowl; I’m glad, as I had a particularly small mug… [Read More]

4 out of 5