5-star reviews

Chef Select Sausage & Mash

Jul 17 2013

Nice, creamy mashed potato, generously sized sausages, and a tasty, subtle onion gravy. The sausages aren’t gritty at all, or bready, or overly soft. They have a nice firmness and meatiness, and a pleasant Lincolnshere sausage flavour. Only £1.69! Very good value.

Iceland Lamb Balti with Pilau Rice

Mar 16 2013

A gorgeous, rich taste of lamb permeates throughout the whole sauce. This is a little on the spicy side for a balti. Although the cooking process is a little bit of a faff, the rice does end up wonderfully fluffy and light. The lamb is delicious and tender and there is plenty of it. The… [Read More]

Chef Select Chicken Tikka Masala

Mar 1 2013

Nice and creamy sauce but a little lacking in spice. It’s also slightly on the watery side. However, the sight of fresh almonds in the sauce was very welcome, as was the bay leaf in the rice. This meal uses real ingredients, as opposed to the genetically modified, artificial food of the anti-Christ that we… [Read More]

Sainsbury’s Vegetable Curry

Oct 10 2012

Very good first impressions. Gorgeous smell, looks amazing. Fairly creamy, but nothing like a korma. This is just like the sauce you get with a biryani. Contains sweet potato, which I’m not a fan of, but this is tasty nonetheless. This is a mild curry which has a slightly warm feeling as it goes down… [Read More]

Stagg Pecos Pasta

May 17 2012

When you open this tin, you’d be forgiven for being daunted by the task of eating its contents. It’s set like jelly and looks vile, and as you spoon it into a dish ready for microwaving, cutting through some overcooked penne pasta, you’ll think you’ve made a big mistake. But don’t despair! You have in… [Read More]

Sainsbury’s Liver and Bacon with Mash

Mar 12 2012

It’s a very rare thing to sit down to a microwave meal, close your eyes, and imagine you’re eating in a top class restaurant. Yes, this is a supermarket own brand, a microwave meal (of liver and mashed potato of all things!), but this is liver and bacon done very well indeed. The mashed potato… [Read More]