Ainsley Harriot Roasted Vegetable Cous Cous

Pleasant to look at, with a surprisingly large quantity (and size) of vegetables, considering this is instant cous cous!

Tasty is a very vague word, but seems to be the only word to convey the flavours of the dish. It’s difficult to put my finger on what makes it taste good. Perhaps it’s the mild garlicy aftertaste which does it for me. Maybe the tomatoes (and ooh, do I detect a hint of basil?) give the dish a Mediterranean feel. The mushrooms are an excellent addition too.

All in all, this is pleasant, but as I ate more and more, the cous cous seemed to grow bland and dry. And, after that revelation came to me, my teeth crunched on something unexpectedly hard and gritty.

Once I surpassed the halfway point, the cous cous became more of a chore to eat. Put simply, it grows blander and colder the more you eat. I couldnt help thinking that this was simply supposed to be a side dish to a main course, not a meal of its own.

Not to imply that I wasn’t getting full- this cous cous is heavy, and a struggle to finish, though that wasn’t entirely down to the quantity.

Get this for a reasonable price, and this is a reasonable dish!