Chef Select Nasi Goreng

HUGE portion, as far as microwave meals go. Easily serves two people, which is often a lie on microwave packaging but it’s totally true here – I couldn’t finish it.

I was worried it would be too dry and bland so had the soy sauce ready, but the food is seasoned enough already. In fact, it’s too salty.

This is mostly rice, with big chunks of rubbery egg – and spammy bits of ham. There’s a bit of spring onion in there too, to make it a little more virtuous.

It does get a bit repetitive after a while – you get the feeling it’s really just a side dish to a greater main, but someone lost the memo.

So what we’re really reviewing is a great, big portion of rice you should be eating with a curry or some vegetables. I’ve had Nasi Goreng before and this just doesn’t really do it justice. Think of it more like an Uncle Ben’s special fried rice.