Hunger Breaks All Day Breakfast

Considering a can of beans and sausages costs anywhere between 30-60p, and the “gourmet foods” of the tin world (chicken tikka massala, risotto etc) cost between £1-£2, the £1.49 currently demanded for the All Day Breakfast is on the steep side. 60-90p would be a more reasonable RRP.

Unlike many tins, the packaging here is representative of the product; the meat on the tin looks just as processed and artery-clogging as it does when it’s dumped onto your plate. I commend the manufacturer for its honesty.

The beans had a pleasant taste, slightly tainted by the juices from the meats. There was also plenty of sauce to mop up with my bread. The two tiny button mushrooms were satisfying; I’d have appreciated a couple more.

As far as tinned sausages go, this faired quite well. Generously sized, and with a stronger taste of pork than most tinned sausages, these were a fair addition to the meal. The “pork and egg nuggets”- as they’re ambitiously called (at only 27% pork and 22% egg)- had a satisfying texture but a bland taste. The bacon slice (yes, there was only one) was a disappointment on all counts; flavourless, dry, smaller and thinner than expected.

All in all, there was a good ratio of beans to sauce to meat, and I didn’t feel cheated on any ingredient. That said, the rather large sausages took up space in the tin that would otherwise have been filled with beans, resulting in the overall portion size feeling somewhat lacking. I ate this with 4 slices of toast and though it satisfied my hunger, I didn’t feel particularly full.

With over 3.5g of salt, this won’t win any awards from Jamie Oliver. The beans are a good source of fibre, but the nutritional good is cancelled out by the sugar, salt and saturated fat found in the meats.

This is an exciting alternative to beans on toast, but not worth the extra cost.