Hunger Breaks The Big BBQ

Hurrah! Finally I’ve found a tin whose sausages taste nice! These sausages aren’t the soft, margarine-ish texture of other tinned sausages, they actually feel reasonably meaty. And they have a pleasant BBQ taste.

The pork and cereal steaklets, whose name does them no favours, are also reasonably meaty. I am very pleasantly surprised! You wouldn’t recognise them as pork, but they’re no worse than the spam we were once served in our school dinners.

The beans, marinated with the BBQ and meaty goodness of their processed-meat brothers, taste good.

Finally, the piece de resistance- the burger. The burger is as large as the size of the tin will allow, and for once, praise the lord, I CAN TASTE MEAT! It isn’t a top quality burger, but it IS what it SAYS ON THE TIN!

Maybe it’s because I was expecting garbage, or maybe it’s because I was starving hungry before I ate this, but I’ve finished my meal very satisfied indeed.

A word of advice: cook the contents of the tin in a pan with a small area- I chose a large pan and it meant that the larger items of food, i.e. the burger and steaklets, weren’t piping hot when served.