Koka Chicken flavour Instant Noodles

This pot of one-serving instant noodles was so huge on the local B&M shelf that I had to give it a try. I could barely fit it in my food cupboard when I got home, which served as a good excuse to rip into it and eat it right away.

The noodles look a little sparse (and rattle around a lot in the pot when transporting home!) but they soon fill out into something really quite substantial.

Then there is the ‘base flavours’ sachet (I got this everywhere), the ‘flavouring oil’ sachet (looks gross – like white pus – but is really just oil and soy and garlic flavours), and a vegetables sachet marked as a ‘garnish’ (they’re not trying to over-sell what is admittedly very little veg!).

The taste was fantastic, really helped by that unappetising looking ‘flavouring oil’. This is “product of Singapore”, so is the real McCoy, and it shows.

Quite a generous portion of noodles for £1. I’d have this again. Lovely!