Mama Cup Rice Vermicelli Shrimp Tom Yum

This was pretty poor.

First of all, it’s wrapped in an unnecessary layer of plastic. I’m trying to get more eco conscious and this really isn’t helping.

The pot seems way oversized for what noodles are in there, but this is an illusion and it does actually fill up and absorb the water well.

But the noodles are unpleasant and stringy. It’s like trying to eat hair.

The fork is useless, bending with even the smallest weight of noodle.

Using poetic license and following the serving suggestion picture on the front of the pot, I fried up some peppers and prawns and filled out the meal nicely.

The noodles are really very spicy, surprisingly so. The sauce has a strong lime and lemongrass flavour.

I wouldn’t have this again.