Nissin Soba Classic Noodles

Probably the best textured noodles you’re going to get in a pot.

Whereas something like Pot Noodle is more like a broth and gets very wet, this one’s USP is its dryness – and it does give it a more authentic feel.

The end result is quite an appetising looking stir fried brown noodles.

The three minutes of waiting time is just right: the noodles are satisfyingly chewy. I did almost burn myself following the instructions, mind – you have to drain the hot water through the holes in the cap before you add the sachet contents. Turns out doing that one-handed while taking a picture is not a good idea!

72.3% noodles, 19.9% yakisoba sauce, which doesn’t leave much room for the cabbage and “chicken meat cubes”. (7.8%, for the mathematicians amongst you.)

Didn’t expect to enjoy that as much as I did. But there’s no denying it’s a bit of a faff, and I was still pretty hungry afterwards.