Sol & Mar Tortilla con cebolla Spanish potato omelette

Very big – I waited until a friend was visiting before deciding to cook this, so I at least had someone to share with. And that was possible because this has a 2 month shelf life.

Two options for cooking: microwave, or fry. Wanting the full experience, we opted for fry.

Already brown before it went in the pan, nothing really seemed to happen to the omelet while we heated it through for about 10 minutes. Reasonably confident it’s as cooked as it can be, it was time to serve.

Cutting into it is a big disappointment – it’s nearly all potato. I like potato, but this made the texture distinctly solid and the omelette very filling, very fast. There’s a bit of indiscernible onion too, but otherwise a potato duvet in a thin egg duvet-cover.

I’m glad I was able to share it as I was struggling to finish my half. Wouldn’t have again – ultimately disappointing.