doner kebab reviews

Heat Me, Eat Me: Doner Meat & Chips

Published on March 23rd, 2019 Eat Me

The packaging-to-food ratio here is ridiculous – a great huge box that takes up most of your student freezer shelf. Inside the box is a tray, wrapped in plastic. Inside the tray, there are a handful of chips – also wrapped in plastic. It felt like the world’s worst pass-the-parcel game. The chips rest on… [Read More]

1 out of 5

Yankee 2 Doner Kebabs with Chilli Sauce

Published on March 21st, 2012 Yankee

The current £1.29 for a pack of 2 equates to £0.65 per doner kebab. Cheap, filling, and most welcome after a night out. I wasn’t expecting Michelin star quality here, but I expected it to be edible. It passed, but barely. The chilli sauce tastes a bit sickly, and I mean that literally. It’s reminiscent… [Read More]

2 out of 5