Yankee 2 Doner Kebabs with Chilli Sauce

The current £1.29 for a pack of 2 equates to £0.65 per doner kebab. Cheap, filling, and most welcome after a night out.

I wasn’t expecting Michelin star quality here, but I expected it to be edible. It passed, but barely. The chilli sauce tastes a bit sickly, and I mean that literally. It’s reminiscent of vomit, but, oddly, I’d rather put the sauce on than leave it out.

The cabbage is godawful, don’t even attempt to eat it. Again, microwavable cabbage doesn’t sound too promising but this really was a disappointment. There’s far too much of the stuff and it tastes rancid, you’re better off picking it out of the kebab before you eat.

Unfortunately, this leaves very little in the kebab itself. The meat is tasty but is full of air and water. At one point I bit into the meat and found something hard, probably bone. It was only a minuscule piece, which if I were fortunate I’d have swallowed without knowing.

This culinary disaster is worth 2*, gained solely for its price and quick and simple preparation (just shove in the microwave, in its bag). Only attempt to eat this after a few pints.