Tesco Macaroni Cheese

I did not give this dish an ounce of respect.

Bought on offer for £1.75 (RRP £2.65), I flouted the “recommended” instructions of oven-cooking (who has 25-30 minutes to waste?).

I settled for the suboptimal “microwave” experience (4-5 minutes), without wasting a plate. I even flouted the “pierce film lid” instructions and instead peeled the film back – pleasing, as not all packaging lets you do that.

So the result is a creamy, cheesy, but slightly anaemic looking mac ‘n’ cheese.

BUT – it was deliciously gooey and fulfilling. It was only a small portion but I finished the meal satisfied.

I wouldn’t pay £2.65 for something that’s so cheap to make – the reduced price would be a more suitable RRP in my opinion. But sometimes there’s nothing that will fill a hole like a macaroni cheese.