Tesco Value Beans and Sausages

Okay, so it’s a bit of a cheese overload, but I was hungry and I deserved it after my exam, okay?

The first thing that strikes you is the quantity of sausages- Tesco haven’t held back here, there are 7 tin-size sausages, more than other tin averages.

The sausages are even softer than most tinned sausages, but taste better than the hotdog flavour you might be expecting. No, they don’t taste meaty, and in fact it’s hard to think of a word to describe them, but they are distinctly different from rival brands and they’re pleasant enough, if you forgive the texture.

The beans are a little on the tough side- if the beans and sausages could swap their consistency around that’d be great.

The sauce is nice and subtle, not overly sweet or pungent.

Pleasantly surprised by Tesco’s value range. Great value for money.