ASDA Meal for 2 Chicken Korma & Tikka Masala

I currently live alone, so don’t often buy into these “Meal for 2” things… but when I found this on sale for £1.65 I had to give it a go.

You get a generous portion of chicken korma and chicken tikka masala, as well as a large pilau rice, four onion bhajis and two naan breads.

ASDA were clever about the cooking instructions, and they can all be heated at the same temperature (170 degrees, fan-assisted) for the same length of time (with the exception of the naans and the bhajis, which you put in later).

The verdict?

Korma was delicious – rich and creamy, exactly what a korma should be.

The tikka masala was ok, though nothing special. The rice was good too, but as that old Welsh proverb goes… “rice is rice”.

The naans came out rather well, and I was pleasantly surprised there were two. It’s not the quality you’d get in a restaurant, but you’d miss these if they weren’t there.

The only own goal was the bhaji – a cakey, bland bit of matter which I ended up throwing away. Bhajis should be crispy, oily and with a powerful taste combination of Indian spices; these definitely weren’t.

£1.65 was a bargain. Even the £5 RRP is pretty good value for two people. Good on you, ASDA.