chicken reviews

ASDA Lively Firecracker Chicken and Fragrant Rice

Mar 9 2018

Only 3 pieces of chicken, though they’re big chunks. 1 of your five a day- that’s good. The sauce has quite a kick to it. And the rice isn’t particularly “fragrant”. Meh.

Mumtaz Chicken Tikka Masala

Feb 26 2018

Decent amount of chicken, but not overwhelming. Reasonably tender but I’ve had better. Quite oily, and a little on the expensive side. Tastes good and authentic, but a little overpriced for what it is.

Morrisons Chicken in Black Bean Sauce with Egg Fried Rice

Jul 2 2013

The onions are very lightly cooked and crunchy. Generous quantity of chicken, though it is on the dry/chewy side. The rice is a bit of an extra faff around, requiring watering mid heating. The end result means the rice is not dry, though the lifeless pieces of egg and peas don’t add anything to the… [Read More]

Morrisons Chicken with Leeks, Bacon and Roast Potatoes

Jun 30 2013

Disappointed that there wasn’t a microwave option. But, I suppose it was all for the best- the resulting roast potatoes are crispy, flavoursome and complement the meal well. There are a lot of potatoes, more so than it first appears, so this is quite a filling meal. The chicken breast is a nice size and… [Read More]

Kerry Foods Made For You Piri Piri Chicken with Spicy Potato Wedges

Jun 22 2013
Kerry Foods

The piri piri sauce has a really nice flavour- a sort of sweet, Jamaican style spicy sauce that isn’t anywhere near as tomatoey as it appears. It’s similar to a BBQ sauce, but not as sweet or artificial tasting. Plenty of green chillies garnish the potato wedges and make this a hot and quite difficult… [Read More]

Morrisons Malaysian Chicken Curry with Jasmine Rice

Apr 26 2013

Gorgeous aromatic spices permeate the entire meal. Really, really tasty. I love the fresh coriander garnished on the top. The chicken is tender and succulent, although there isn’t quite enough of it. The jasmine rice is as sticky and gorgeous as promised. A delicate combination of flavours that comes together beautifully. It’s just a shame… [Read More]

Iceland Chinese Chicken with Noodles

Mar 2 2013

Tasty noodles, nice and eggy. Tasty sauce- has a subtle ginger and garlic flavour and a nice spicy kick of chili. The sauce has been artificially thickened, like in many Chinese restaurants. Plenty of chicken, which is soft and tender. The only downside is the pretty poor packaging and fairly slow cooking time.

Vitasia Chicken Chop Suey

Feb 26 2013

The first mouthful was underwhelming, but this was one of those meals that grew better with time. I didn’t trust a tin that lists “chicken fat” as one of its ingredients, but the end result is quite a rich and tasty sauce! As you can see from the picture, this is a big portion size,… [Read More]

Iceland Chicken Tikka Lasagne

Feb 23 2013

Flavourless, filling food. This gives chicken tikka a bad name- the tiniest bits of chicken, with a hot, spicy kick. The lasagne itself is ok- fairly rich and creamy. The chicken tikka combination isn’t unpleasant, or even weird, just underwhelming. Still, not bad for £1.

Iceland Lemon Battered Chicken

Nov 15 2012

Absurdly sweet sauce. Has enough sourness to it but too much sugar- this tastes like it should be spread on top of a cake. The sauce is sickening and I really don’t know who could have given the go ahead on this one. Lazy students, beware- this cannot be heated in a microwave. A fair… [Read More]