Feasters Big Eat Cheeseburger with Crispy Onions

Lots of bits here – I feel like I’m assembling a lego set. And I also feel bad for the environment – all those sachets can’t be going anywhere good. After assembling my masterpiece, I took a big bite.

The onions give a nice crunchiness that provide a contrast against the rubbery backdrop of the bread and the meat. In terms of flavour, the onions don’t seem to pull their weight – I only really detected a vague savoury aftertaste, kind of like someone just snuck a crisp into my burger. The onion taste does get stronger as you go through the burger, mind – like a hot curry you used to laugh at but soon brings you to fiery tears the more you eat.

It’s actually quite filling! I think the crunchiness is a subconscious thing and it shows you just how much matter you’re putting into your mouth. The burger and the cheese is good, and the ketchup a necessary sweetness that lifts it.

Interesting & weird. This is like one of those strange restaurant burger offerings that your friends dare you to try. Would have again.