burger reviews

Feasters Cheese Burger

Dec 21 2017

Like its double-stacked brethren, this is quick, easy, tasty, good value. And unlike the double stack “cheeseburger”, this one’s separated it out as “cheese burger”. Make up your minds, Feasters! OCD aside, I can’t really fault these burgers. I’d happily have them again and again. For a 5* review, they’d have to be positively gourmet…. [Read More]

Feasters Premium Double Stack Cheeseburger

Nov 8 2017

Burger offered two methods of cooking – microwave the whole thing, or microwave the burgers and toast the buns. In the interests of fairness I should probably have gone for the former, for a fair test against the Rustlers brand. But in the interests of my taste buds, I went all out and separated those… [Read More]

McEnnedy Cheese-burger 2 Chicken Cheeseburgers

Jul 18 2013

Really nice to see REAL cheese, not the plastic orange stuff you normally get in microwave cheeseburgers. The chicken burger is hardly chicken breast- look at the texture and you’ll see an odd fusion of textures reminiscent of bread, pancakes or egg. The result is an artificial firmness that has the taste of chicken but… [Read More]

Rustlers The Flame Grilled BBQ Rib

Jul 3 2013

Quick, convenient, tasty. The sauce makes it- you can’t taste much else. Nice chargrilled effect on the BBQ ribs. Soft bun. The price ranges a lot, from £1 to around £2.50. The star rating given in this review is based on a price of around £1.50.

Iceland Ultimate Snacks Sausage and Egg Muffin

Apr 19 2013

The whole thing is all a bit… dry. The muffin is chewy, the egg is flavourless and peculiarly solid, and the sausage has a strong herbal and black pepper flavour, as if it is trying to hide something. Could really do with the addition of ketchup! This is only £1, though, saying that, there isn’t… [Read More]

McEnnedy 2 Beef Cheeseburgers

Apr 12 2013

Nice cheese and soft bun. Salty, soft and greasy burger, but a quick and easy snack, and pretty good value.

Rustlers Flame Grilled BBQ Chicken

Apr 4 2013

Surprisingly dry, and disappointingly so. The bun is chewy and relies on your saliva to break it down- but you’re unlikely to salivate at the thought of eating the preserved, charred hunk of chicken concealed within it. The BBQ sauce, though a welcome addition to the otherwise flavourless palate on offer, does little to help…. [Read More]

Iceland Fiery Chicken Melt Panini

Apr 1 2013

Not very thoroughly made- there are bits of chicken all outside the panini. Very bready, not much cheese or chicken. The panini relies on the kick of the chilli to lull you into thinking the meal is more substantial than it is. A fairly light, fluffy bread. The packaging is largely recyclable, but the box… [Read More]

Snacksters 2x Southern Fried Chicken Burgers in Buns

Mar 25 2013

As far as burgers go… horrible. The burger is really, really thin, and far too overly peppered. Gains a star for being cheap and convenient.

Wall’s Breakfast Muffin

Oct 31 2012

Come complete with a single Wall’s sausage, cut down the middle. The sausage is soft, bready and fatty, but has a pleasant flavour. There is a slice of the standard plastic cheese you see on all microwave burgers and muffins, which is difficult to taste amongst the other ingredients in the muffin. The muffin is… [Read More]