Feasters Big Eat Pepperoni Deluxe Cheeseburger

Like a cavalier, I rushed this and microwaved the whole thing, omitting the optional instruction of ‘toasting the bun’.

But it still came out great.

Maybe it was because I was hungry, or maybe it just really works. The burger is satisfyingly thick and meaty, the pepperoni (oddly grouped together in a clump) adds a peppery bite, offset by the sweetness of the relish and the creaminess of the cheese slice.

The bun just about survives a microwaving, though doesn’t escape being understandably chewy and moist.

It wouldn’t pass as a restaurant quality burger (with the exception of, maybe, Wetherspoons?). But then you sit back and remember it cost you £1.50 and you can’t help but smile.

I did not sit down to this burger and expect to give it 5 stars. But it punches well above its weight.