Feasters Premium Double Stack Cheeseburger

Burger offered two methods of cooking – microwave the whole thing, or microwave the burgers and toast the buns. In the interests of fairness I should probably have gone for the former, for a fair test against the Rustlers brand. But in the interests of my taste buds, I went all out and separated those babies.

This was kinda messy – what do you do when you’ve got a plate of burgers steaming in their own fats? I had to go and get a second plate for the actual ‘assembly’. A price worth paying I guess. Meanwhile, no instructions as to how long to toast the buns for, so that’s left to customer preference and inevitable error. No instructions as to how to assemble either. I put my cheese between my burgers, like a boss.

Two burgers in a microwave meal actually make this pretty indulgent and filling. Most microwave meals leave you wanting more (or at least, more of something else).

It tastes good. Apart from a lack of lettuce or gherkin, this is basically what you’d get from a McDonald’s and for about the same price. Ketchup complements the burger and cheese nicely, and the buns aren’t too dry even though they’re the everlasting type.

Always handy having one of these in your fridge. Sometimes all you want after a long day is a quick and easy meal – and this probably does constitute a meal rather than a snack.

I’m going to go and stock up on more now.