Iceland All Day Breakfast

This is a mixed bag of delights- let me dissect them one by one.

The egg has a peculiar pancake flavour. Apart from the fact that it looks so unnatural and uninviting, it actually tastes better than some of the rubbish they claim is scrambled egg in hotel buffets.

These are clearly appalling sausages- bready and salty, though quite flavoursome and akin to a Lincolnshire sausage.

The beans and sauce are a little sweet, but adequate for the meal.

The hash brown is one of the oddest hash browns you will ever eat. All the flavour is there, but the texture is chewy and damp.

Considering that this is 10 minutes in the microwave, you could actually whip up a fresh all-day-breakfast in less time.

You will wonder why you put such things into your body but, in summary, not bad.