Iceland Spaghetti and Meatballs Meal For One

Immediate failings: this comes in bags that are difficult to poke holes in during the first step of cooking and dangerous to empty once the cooking is finished.

I followed the instructions correctly but the spaghetti was still cold (not tepid, COLD) in the middle. Consequently, I had to cook the whole thing for longer, and ended up with slightly overcooked meatballs and undercooked spaghetti.

The spaghetti is a very soft, bog standard and pale, flavourless confection. It’s not bad or unpleasant, just a bit pointless.

I found the sauce to be overly sweet and a little artificial. The meatballs were solid and rubbery, but ultimately still quite bready in taste. Treat these so-called meatballs with a high level of distrust.

If it weren’t for the horrid packaging and questionable cooking-time calculations, this could have scored higher, because all said and done this is only £1 and could’ve been worse.