Red Lion Foods Chicken Tikka Masala

The chicken is soft but quite dry. Saying that, these are nice big pieces of chicken, quite good value.

The sauce has a potent aftertaste, quite perfumey and unpleasant- I genuinely had to double-check and see if my tin was in date. It didn’t help that there was a dark black stain at the bottom of the tin after emptying its contents, or the fact that the sauce had sort of curdled and separated into watery and thick sections of sauce. This was sorted after heating.

The chicken, on closer inspection, is brown and flavourless. This meal looks nice on the plate but tastes distinctly underwhelming- if I were served this in a restaurant I would send it back.

The chicken is unpleasantly soft and has an artificial hint of tinned hotdog in its flavour. Not pleasant.

I couldn’t actually stomach the entire meal, and had to throw the meal away, a phenomenon that has only happened twice since I started reviewing.