ASDA Chicken Korma Main

18 November 2017

Suitable for freezing – which I did – but no “heat from freeze” instructions, so have to defrost first. Not much flavour beyond “creamy”. You could argue that of any korma, but there’s not a hint of cardamom or cumin or other mild spices. Still, it’s pleasant, and there’s a lot of chicken. The packaging… [Read More]

Geo Organics Organic Saag Aloo

24 August 2013

Disappointing. 24% potato and 8% spinach makes you wonder what the rest of it really is, and the answer appears to be water. Bland, uninteresting, watery. Where’s the creaminess? Where’s the spinach? Other negatives include the underdone potatoes and the £1.80 approximate price tag. Still, it wasn’t dreadful, so avoids receiving our worst rating.

Iceland Indian Takeaway Lamb Kofta Balti

25 July 2013

This is like an Indian take on spicy meatballs. Tasty sauce with just enough chilli, and a fairly generous quantity of meatballs. However, the meatballs taste cheap and don’t compare to ordinary cuts of lamb. This is like a doner kebab thrown into a spicy sauce. For £1.50, this is acceptable.

Sharwood’s Korma Cooking Sauce

24 July 2013

A bit sour. Nice, quick, easy curry, but it’s not a good one. Would be very disappointed in a restaurant. Ultimately a bit flavourless. Still, it’s better than no korma at all, and it’s only £1. I’d have it again, but I’m not blown away.

Loyd Grossman Korma Sauce

17 July 2013

Tasty korma sauce. Would it pass in a restaurant? Just about. Nice and easy instructions. Doesn’t look the most appetising of kormas- it gets a bit “bitty” and appears to curdle a little. Does enough for two meals. This works out at roughly £1 per meal.  

Morrisons Tandoori Chicken & Pilau Rice

14 July 2013

Something unidentifiable in the rice, looks like a cross between chicken and a cardamom pod. Anyway, the sauce is quite tomatoey and separates into water and solids a little, which isn’t pleasant, but the flavours are nice- much like a tikka massala but not as creamy. The rice is tasty but on the rubbery side…. [Read More]

Iceland Chicken Dopiaza

14 July 2013

Tasty, more tomato-ful than appears on the front cover. Ate with two mini peshwari nans- good combination. Wasn’t as substantial as I’d hoped. Felt almost like a standard microwave curry without the rice.

Levi Roots Jamaican Coconut Chicken Curry with rice and peas

28 June 2013

The sauce has a peculiar yoghurt taste. Very very mild… quite bland. I found only 2 pieces of mango and a single piece of avocado, so it’s not exactly packed with flavoursome ingredients. The chicken didn’t taste right- I felt like I had poor cuts of meat. That said, the quantity is quite generous. Even… [Read More]

Morrisons Chicken Biryani

14 June 2013

£3.29 is at the high end of the ready meals market. I love the presentation of the food and the clear use of fresh ingredients. The fact that this is one of your five a day comes as a pleasant surprise. The plentiful quantities of chicken is gorgeous- a nice tandoori flavour with a smoky,… [Read More]

Iceland Sri Lankan Chicken

01 May 2013

This can’t quite decide if it wants to be a korma or a curry. I think the korma wins the battle on this one- it has that classic creaminess and turmeric induced colour. However, there is a hint of chilli and- dare I say it- other flavours that I’ve begun to associate with tacky, mass… [Read More]