Rustlers The Flame Grilled Quarter Pounder

Promising size, bigger than a Big Mac.

The bun is too soft, but considering this has been heated in the microwave, I was expecting worse. This is a nice bun.

I went against the instructions and put the cheese in before heating, it melted nicely. Very creamy, tasty.

The Rustlers sauce is fundamental to the flavour, giving the burger an extra richness and a gherkin flavour. Occasionally you will get more than you bargain for when you bite into the burger, and the sauce becomes overpowering.

The burger is beefy and meaty, very good quality in comparison with other microwavable burgers. However, it is a little gritty.

Very quick and easy to prepare- simply put in the microwave for less than two minutes (depending on microwave wattage) and add the cheese slice and sauce (though, as I say, I added the cheese slice before heating). Very little in the way of wastage- the main plastic packaging is widely recycled.

I got this on offer for £1, and this proves astoundingly good value for a quick and tasty snack/lunch. However, I’ve seen some places selling this for £2.49, which is definitely overpriced.

Very satisfied.