Sainsbury’s Fully Loaded Meat Feast pasta

The ingredients list aren’t hugely promising: “smoked British formed ham with added water”.

Formed ham. With added water.

Doesn’t exactly make your mouth water, does it? Still, each chunk of ham feels suitably meaty at the chew.

The meatballs are better ignored. They taste very much of sage and breadcrumb; it’s hard to imagine there being much pork in them. There is plenty of pepperoni at least.

The sauce is tasty; quite garlicy. Only about 10g of fibre in the whole portion; not enough to offset the fat and the salt, but then again this isn’t marketed as a healthy meal.

This is a Big. Portion. (Ok, technically it feeds two, but who’s counting?)

For an RRP of £3.50, this is not bad for the size. I would definitely have it again!