Tesco Value Pasta in a Tomato and Onion Sauce

27 August 2013

Word of warning- takes an age to cook! I wanted a quick meal before my lecture, but this requires 15 minutes in the microwave- I had to return to it afterwards. Decent portion size, but the tomato sauce is a bit sweet, sickly, and bland. This tastes just like plain pasta with a little bit… [Read More]

Tesco Spaghetti Bolognese

26 July 2013

The mince has liquidated into the sauce, giving the sauce a vaguely brown colour. As ever, the spaghetti is soft. Tasty, filling.

Morrisons Fresh Ideas King Prawn Linguine

22 July 2013

The tomato-packed sauce ends up being watery, the king prawns tough and chewy and the basil undetectable. This is reasonable in terms of its taste, but unreasonable in terms of its cost. Not particularly filling, and far too expensive given the cost and quality of the ingredients. Not flavoursome enough nor exciting enough. A bit… [Read More]

Tesco Farfalle Pasta Carbonara

19 May 2013

Very oily. Looks very unappetising- one big splodgy mess. Made some very scary noises in the microwave. Admittedly, the little cubes of unidentifiable meat are quite pleasant. But the rest of it has a peculiar taste- as if the plastic packaging has burned and the fumes have been infused into the pasta. Not a tasty… [Read More]

Iceland Macaroni Cheese

25 April 2013

Absolutely nothing special here whatsoever- although bear in mind that this IS only a pound. The sauce is thick and quite potent, with almost a stilton aftertaste. The little bits of orange cheese that are few and far between when you first put the meal in the microwave soon disintegrate into the sauce, never to… [Read More]

Iceland Classic Italian Chicken, Bacon and Mushroom Pasta Bake

27 March 2013

Pasta is overcooked, chicken is dry, sauce is too rich and creamy. Tasty though, and decent portion size. Pretty good value.

Morrisons Bistro Chicken and Roast Mushroom Lasagne

05 March 2013

Nice, strong, mushroomy taste. Creamy and indulgent lasagne. Plenty of tender, big pieces of chicken. Not enough cheese on top layer for my liking. At £2, this is fairly good value, though the lasagne isn’t particularly big. Knock a star off if you find it for a penny more!

Iceland Chicken Tikka Lasagne

23 February 2013

Flavourless, filling food. This gives chicken tikka a bad name- the tiniest bits of chicken, with a hot, spicy kick. The lasagne itself is ok- fairly rich and creamy. The chicken tikka combination isn’t unpleasant, or even weird, just underwhelming. Still, not bad for £1.

Heinz Spicy Tomato and Pepperoni Sauce with Fusilli

02 November 2012

Distinctly underwhelming portion size. Nice smell of pepperoni. Kind of like having just the pepperoni and tomato sauce of a pizza. Real pieces of pepperoni, but not many. Probably cost all of 30p to make. Feel a bit ripped off. Quite a spicy sauce, slight kick at the back of the throat after each mouthful…. [Read More]

Tesco Pasta Shells in Bolognese Sauce

24 October 2012

A bit sickly, small portion size, overpriced, and doesn’t look at all appetizing. However, it tastes fairly good and is a quick and easy snack. Not bad.