Sainsbury’s Mild Beef Curry

The “mild” part of the title is a little misleading. Though this isn’t a vindaloo by any means, it still packs a small punch, which might be too much for the more sensitive curry-eater.

Reasonable quantity of beef. Pleasantly soft texture – much preferable to being too tough.

The curry itself is a little disappointing, being on the bland side. There aren’t any “flavours” as such here, only heat. It still goes down well but it isn’t something I’d salivate at the thought of if I saw it again in the supermarket.

The meat has a pleasant meaty flavour and isn’t full of fat like in some curries. By and large, the pieces themselves are almost as large as a curry in an Indian restaurant. Almost!

I’d definitely have this again, but don’t go filling up your cupboard with tonnes of the stuff- it isn’t THAT good!