SPAM Chip Shop Curry Fritters

It’s been a while since my last review. No longer a student, I tend not to do ready meals anymore, and my arteries probably couldn’t take it like they used to.

But just occasionally, I come across something in my weekly shop that makes me go… “yeah”. This is one of those items.

SPAM, deep fried in batter, with a secret filling of chip shop curry sauce? Count me in!

It looks – let’s be honest – foul (and perhaps even rather graphic). And as I opened that box and secreted a great big pair of dangling balls in their plastic sack, I did wonder if I’d made a terrible mistake.

I oven cooked these bad boys for 20 minutes, served with curly fries and peas. I cut into one, distinctly underwhelmed by the resulting ooze of sauce. I was fully prepared to take a bite, throw up, and give this 1*.

But actually, these were really quite tasty. If you like SPAM – and that might be a big “if” – then you should like these. The spam isn’t too much (I was worried it would get too filling and samey). The batter is a nice, crisp coating like on a chicken nugget, and works well with the meat. And the sauce is… fine. It’s that standard curry shop sauce and it’s a welcome addition to the party.

I’m somewhat ashamed, but I’d happily fill my freezer with a few more boxes of these.

Take me back to my student days!