Speedy Chef 2 Doner Kebabs

Cooked for 2 mins as instructed, in a more powerful microwave than instructed (800W) and took a bite; it was still frozen in the middle. So I put it back in for another minute and a half.

That meant it came out PIPING hot, and I struggled to eat it. I was almost the first person in the world to eat a microwave kebab with a knife and fork. But I manned up and forced it into my mouth, which I promptly burned.

The underside of the pitta bread is soggy, and the rest of it is pretty chewy: classic microwave symptoms. It’s a little bit greasy but not as bad as you might think, and the portion of meat is generous. Not sure how good the meat is, ingredients just says the kebab filling is 40% lamb but the lamb itself seems to be unadulterated, which is a small miracle. And look at the pictures – it’s actually pretty packed with meat.

It tastes fine, and doesn’t suffer from the same rancidness as the Yankee 2 Doner Kebabs (why do microwave kebabs always come in pairs?), but that could be because my taste buds are older and desensitised to such things. I added a stab of sriracha sauce towards the end and that livened up what was already an acceptable kebab.