Stagg Dynamite Hot Chili Con Carne

The pieces of meat are succulent and tasty. The first mouthful has a bit of a kick and you begin to worry about the rest of the meal. You ease into eating more and find that, though it’s spicy it’s perfectly fine. You get about a third of the way through and it becomes increasingly difficult.

It doesn’t become impossible, like some ridiculous curries or Mexican dishes. But it does become difficult! This is the riskier end of edible, and this should be taken as a compliment. Something that is advertised as “dynamite hot” is naturally going to be hot, and I’m pleased they didn’t go overboard and just try and blow your head off. I’m not a big fan of spicy food, and the fact that I polished all of the sauce off means this has done well! It also means that those of you looking for a real challenge may be disappointed.

That said, with a dish as hot as this, it’s difficult to appreciate the flavours, but they are there, and this is tasty.