Stagg Pecos Pasta

When you open this tin, you’d be forgiven for being daunted by the task of eating its contents. It’s set like jelly and looks vile, and as you spoon it into a dish ready for microwaving, cutting through some overcooked penne pasta, you’ll think you’ve made a big mistake.

But don’t despair! You have in fact chosen one of the finest culinary successes to come out of tins this side of the 21st century.

The first clue of this is the smell when the food is cooked- it’s absolutely divine.

Really tasty- like a creamy bolognese, with a chili con carne-like kick after each mouthful. The picture on the tin had some cheese with it, so I followed suit, and it was absolutely amazing.

This is rich, full of flavour, and though it’s probably incredibly unhealthy, it’s just gorgeous.

The pasta is soft but this only heightens the rich, gloopy delight!

I cannot recommend this enough. Truly tasty, quick and easy, I can’t wait to have it again.