roast dinner reviews

ahh! Bisto Roast Chicken Dinner

Jun 8 2013
ahh! Bisto

The stuffing is hard and overcooked, with a strong taste of sage. The chicken breast is a generous portion and is reasonably tender, though the flabby chicken skin does not taste pleasant. As is to be expected, the gravy is quite tasty, though on the salty side. The carrots and peas are nicely cooked and… [Read More]

Iceland Chicken Roast Dinner

Mar 28 2013

The roasts are much nicer and crisper than most roast potatoes from the microwave. “Shaped” chicken is never good; this tastes and feels a little artificial, though it’s quite succulent as a result. And the portion size is good. The chipolata was practically inedible- incorrect microwave instructions here, that little thing was SOLID! The gravy… [Read More]

Newgate Quality Foods Premium Roast Turkey Dinner

Jan 24 2013
Newgate Quality Foods

I don’t see what’s “premium” about this meal- is it the two sad looking sprouts, the one tiny lump of stuffing or the clearly artificially processed turkey in perfect circles? The gravy tastes meaty and rich, and the carrots are small, cute and juicy. The turkey tastes okay too, even if the texture is a… [Read More]