Newgate Quality Foods Premium Roast Turkey Dinner

I don’t see what’s “premium” about this meal- is it the two sad looking sprouts, the one tiny lump of stuffing or the clearly artificially processed turkey in perfect circles?

The gravy tastes meaty and rich, and the carrots are small, cute and juicy. The turkey tastes okay too, even if the texture is a bit rubbery. The sausage is very bready and tastes cheap, and the stuffing is overpowered with sage and itself has a heavy, bready texture.

The roast potatoes are about as good as you can expect out of a microwave and at least there are enough of them to make the meal a little more filling and substantial.

The less said about the sprouts, the better- they’re passable but have been cooked to death.

Overall, an easy and satisfying meal (pretty good packaging, simple and clean microwave instructions), but doesn’t live up to its “premium” promise. Thankfully, it also doesn’t carry a premium price tag, in Lidl at any rate.