Waitrose Vegan Mushroom Carbonara

Can there be a more quintessentially middle class dish than a vegan, Italian dish from Waitrose? Perhaps only if it the mushrooms were hand picked from the garden. But that wouldn’t have worked very well for this dish: my garden might just about grow a weed or two; nothing as rich and earthy as the chestnut mushrooms on display here.

The microwave instructions are simple, and the room smells lovely as it’s cooking. There’s a hint of parsley but the purveying flavour is one of garlic, which is lovely but a bit overused here. You won’t be kissing anyone after this.

The sauce is incredibly thick and creamy, with a satisfying umami flavour. I don’t know quite how they’ve managed to keep it vegan!

Disappointingly, it’s quite unhealthy for a vegan meal – doesn’t appear to be one of your five a day, and full of fat and salt.

That’s a shame because the price, at £3.45 RRP, is not bad for what you’re getting. It’s tasty, easy to cook, filling, and let’s be honest, it’s Waitrose branded. I was expecting to have to moan about it being overpriced at, say, £4.50 – which it would be – but £3.45 is just about acceptable.

Would have again.