Wat Kitchen Chicken in Chilli & Thai Basil sauce with Noodles

Expected this to be a pot noodle but actually needs microwaving. Opened the box to find two pouches, one of noodles and one of the chicken in sauce. Looked around in despair for some scissors but no need – the pouches are easy-tear.

Noodles are satisfyingly chewy and thick. They’re coated in a sauce with a subtle Asian flavour, but it tastes like most generic pot noodle type dishes. Not unpleasant, mind.

Doesn’t mix very well, so you end up with a lot of the “topping” at the bottom once the noodles are gone. This is mostly thin strips of bamboo shoot, carrot, and actual (real) chicken.

Pleasant enough, but a lot of packaging and a little bit of faff to prepare.