Golden Dragon Pork Sui Mai

11 November 2017

A bit of a faff to cook – no microwave option, and assumes you know how to steam things. I don’t. Still, I improvised, and the dumplings looked amazing being slowly sweated to a warm temperature. I left it for more than the instructions said, but still found my first mouthful quite cold so had… [Read More]

Morrisons Chicken in Black Bean Sauce with Egg Fried Rice

02 July 2013

The onions are very lightly cooked and crunchy. Generous quantity of chicken, though it is on the dry/chewy side. The rice is a bit of an extra faff around, requiring watering mid heating. The end result means the rice is not dry, though the lifeless pieces of egg and peas don’t add anything to the… [Read More]

Mug Shot Noodles Chinese Style

16 April 2013

Looks like tape worm in a mug. Not very appetising. Even after the 5 minute guideline, the noodles are still crunchy. Nice Chinese flavours but a bit weak- though perhaps I added too much water. I had either a massive mug or a tiny mug, and I decided I’d rather be able to fit it… [Read More]

Iceland Crispy Battered Prawns with a Sweet Chilli Sauce

12 April 2013

The chilli sauce is very thick, overly sweet, and generally quite sickening. Those who have read the Iceland Breaded Chicken review will have a deja vu moment here. However, the sauce is actually edible this time! The prawns are tasty and crispy. For £2, if this were a takeaway I’d be pretty impressed. It’s worth… [Read More]

Sainsbury’s Chicken noodle soup

28 March 2013

The noodles have no texture, flavour or vigour. Nicely surprised by real pieces of chicken, albeit tiny. Authentic Chinese flavour, but no SUBSTANCE. Feels a bit like eating the sauce from a chinese dish, but without the dish. Tasty enough, would have again. Serving suggestion: add your own pieces of chicken/mushrooms. Though, admittedly, this kind… [Read More]

Iceland Chinese Chicken with Noodles

02 March 2013

Tasty noodles, nice and eggy. Tasty sauce- has a subtle ginger and garlic flavour and a nice spicy kick of chili. The sauce has been artificially thickened, like in many Chinese restaurants. Plenty of chicken, which is soft and tender. The only downside is the pretty poor packaging and fairly slow cooking time.

Vitasia Chicken Chop Suey

26 February 2013

The first mouthful was underwhelming, but this was one of those meals that grew better with time. I didn’t trust a tin that lists “chicken fat” as one of its ingredients, but the end result is quite a rich and tasty sauce! As you can see from the picture, this is a big portion size,… [Read More]

Heritage Chicken in Black Bean Sauce with Egg Fried Rice

27 April 2012

Very salty- the sauce was a struggle to eat here. Apalling packaging. This is one of those ready meals that has two layers of film, none of which peel off nicely, either before or after heating. This means making an absolute mess and potentially burning yourself by slicing a square of film off the packaging… [Read More]

Sainsbury’s Sweet and Sour Chicken

07 April 2012

This is a lot more watery than the packaging suggests. I mean, this is seriously watery- it could be a soup! The consistency of the dish is not the only thing that the picture neglects to tell you; the chicken is in thin slices, rather than diced chunks. It’s really quite misleading. There is a… [Read More]

Sainsbury’s Special Fried Rice

03 April 2012

Sticky texture, rice is a little overcooked. The ham is grey and look very unappetising. Particularly unpleasant taste of perfume with some mouthfuls. Unable to decipher the ingredient, but it completely spoils the dish. Would not have this again.