Westlers Hamburgers in Onion Gravy

Hamburgers in a tin were always going to be an odd one. I opened the tin and saw a splodgy mess of meaty paste. I scooped a hamburger out with a fork; it seemed a decent size. And the whole thing smelled quite good.

I scooped the rest out, and there were the remnants of about half a hamburger stuck together at the bottom of the tin, which I also scooped out into the dish.

I followed the ambiguous microwave instructions and, though it looked pretty awful, it smelled good and I had high hopes.

I got 4 slices of bread out, ready for an artery-clogging feast. But the burger didn’t deliver.

They have a soft, hotdog texture and flavour. And I mean REALLY soft- softer than tinned meatballs, and not as tasty. You can literally break these hamburgers in half with your lip.

That is to say, they’re soft but solid. Biting into one of these will give you a strange, almost gristly texture as you chew it into digestible pieces.

And truly, these are bad hamburgers. I couldn’t manage to finish my first burger, leave alone the four that came in the tin. The sauce is reasonable, and at 99p the price is reasonable, but the burgers certainly aren’t.

Mum’s choice? Whose mum, exactly? If it were my mum, I’d put her in a home.