ASDA Chicken Madras with Pilau Rice

First of all, the packaging passes the quality test: easy peel film. No faffing around with adding water or anything either – just heat for 3 mins, stir, heat for 3 mins, eat.

Fibre 6g (recommend 30g per day), so eat five of these and you’re golden, except you’d then be at around 175% of your daily allowance for salt and saturated fat.

Thick, rich onion and tomato sauce with a spicy kick. You never quite know what you’re going to get with a madras, and which end of the scale it will be from “mildly scintillating” to “dear GOD help me Grandma this is hot”. Most ready meals disappoint in this area, but the ASDA one sits somewhere in the middle: a good kick of spice that will make your nose run.

Good portions of rice and chicken. Not restaurant quality but practically restaurant portions. Stick a salad on it and warm up a naan bread with it and you’ll be stuffed. At about £2, this is a good value meal.

My rice was a bit too perfumey; I ended up removing four whole cloves and two cardamom pods, which is just too much to be sitting around in a few square inches of meal-for-one rice.