ASDA Hunters Chicken with Potato Wedges

I was so looking forward to this, when to my great disappointment I realised it does not come with microwave instructions.

You have to oven bake it. Damn you, pesky wedges!

Fine. I conceded to the packaging and followed the instructions like a schmuck: I removed the wedges and set them next to the chicken-in-plastic on a baking tray.

I think it took about half an hour, though I was in a rush before another engagement so may have rushed it by a few minutes. It kind of showed; the wedges weren’t as crisp and brown as I’d have liked.

The chicken was deliciously tender and the smoky bacon cut through the sweetness of the BBQ sauce nicely. The oven bake helped to brown some of the cheese which had a lovely flavour too.

So it scores well on taste and on price, but is let down by the faffy preparation instructions and the lack of healthy element. I’d have to give it a 3*.