Fray Bentos Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

I dipped my fork in the sauce and tasted it- it wasn’t bad. This gave me hope!

The meatballs were still horrid, but didn’t make me gag. The fact that I was expecting it to shows just how bad the previous meatballs were.

The sauce is quite nice, very similar to other meatball sauces. The meatballs, and therefore the substance of the meal, is where this falls flat. A horrid grey/brown colour with the texture of a soft cheesecake. Completely devoid of any meaty flavour.

I can see how this might appeal to kids- soft, easy to eat, colourful tins. But the quality of the meatballs is atrocious; pick a supermarket own-brand any day.

I heated this tin up expecting to throw it away, so I didn’t prepare any spaghetti with it. As it was, I probably could have managed the tin with some spaghetti, but it’s difficult to get the previous tin out of my head.

Not atrociously bad. So here’s a star.