Heinz Big Soup – Roast Chicken and Herb Dumplings

Lovely idea, but the bowl the soup came in was making some very ominous noises in the microwave, and subsequently there was some leakage, so this wasn’t the easiest of ready meals to prepare.

The bits of chicken are dry and dark brown, not very inspiring.

The soup itself is passable, but has that generic “vegetable soup” taste like so many cup-a-soups. Saying that, the texture is nice and thick and the soup is filling and hearty.

Comes with three large dumplings, but they are far too soft, they just melt in the mouth. They’re also a bit flavourless, it’s like eating overcooked tofu.

Plenty of potatoes, carrots, and some leek and onion.

On balance, a filling and tasty meal, but somewhat overpriced. That’s what you pay for Heinz!