soup reviews

New Covent Garden Soup Co Leek & Potato

Jul 16 2013
New Covent Garden Soup Co

Very tasty soup; creamy and rich whilst still being moreish and not sickly. You could be served this as a starter in a restaurant along with fresh bread and butter and you’d most likely be perfectly satisfied. The markup on this is huge- it probably cost Covent Garden pennies to make. I got it reduced… [Read More]

Glorious! West African Chicken and Peanut Soup

May 6 2013

Very tasty, and for the first time ever, a ready meal soup with REAL CHICKEN. With pieces that are bigger than a housefly, for a change! £1.99 – RRP. £1 reduced Lovely coconut and peanut flavour without being too rich. Quite a thin soup, with a few bits of veg and some individual grains of… [Read More]

Baxters Luxury Lobster Bisque with Brandy and Fresh Double Cream

Apr 4 2013

A rich lobster flavour really comes through the mixture. The smoothness of the texture resembles the smoothness of real lobster. Gorgeous flavour. If you find it for £2 or more, knock a star off.

Tesco Finest British Roast Chicken Soup

Mar 30 2013

Reasonably tasty. Actual pieces of chicken, some of them almost an inch long! Nice, easy microwave instructions. Nice idea. More chicken then expected, and more than it first appears. Not bad!

Sainsbury’s Chicken noodle soup

Mar 28 2013

The noodles have no texture, flavour or vigour. Nicely surprised by real pieces of chicken, albeit tiny. Authentic Chinese flavour, but no SUBSTANCE. Feels a bit like eating the sauce from a chinese dish, but without the dish. Tasty enough, would have again. Serving suggestion: add your own pieces of chicken/mushrooms. Though, admittedly, this kind… [Read More]

Heinz Farmers’ Market Broccoli + Stilton Soup

Nov 7 2012

The cheese and the broccoli come through very strongly. Finally, a soup that doesn’t taste like every other cup-a-soup! Not overly blended- nice little bits of potato and onion here and there. Tasty, nutricious. Beware this is stilton cheese, and tastes like it. Don’t expect cheddar! Lovely, powerful, mature cheese, which isn’t too strong for… [Read More]

Sainsbury’s Chicken Laksa Soup

Sep 2 2012

Really gorgeous thai curry smell. Don’t let the word “soup” fool you- I tried eating this with a spoon and struggled! This is principally a noodle dish and you’ll need chopsticks or a fork. Lovely, clearly fresh ingredients, healthy stuff, one of your five a day. The sauce is just creamy enough, and has a… [Read More]

Sainsbury’s Oxtail Soup

May 27 2012

Pleasant, dark taste, akin to a gravy. Basically a mincemeat gravy, only a bit mean on the mincemeat. The soup is a little bland, could do with seasoning. Meat pieces are about the size of the bits of meat that get stuck in your teeth after a hearty meal. In other words, titchy. Certainly edible,… [Read More]

Heinz Big Soup – Roast Chicken and Herb Dumplings

Apr 27 2012

Lovely idea, but the bowl the soup came in was making some very ominous noises in the microwave, and subsequently there was some leakage, so this wasn’t the easiest of ready meals to prepare. The bits of chicken are dry and dark brown, not very inspiring. The soup itself is passable, but has that generic… [Read More]