Heinz Creamy Mushroom & Red Pepper Sauce

Very gloopy texture, very tomatoe-y.

A dish like this can’t really go wrong, but there’s nothing special here.

Portion size is a major disappointment- no more than a snack.

Can’t detect any garlic, basil is nice though.

Perfectly pleasant dish, but nothing spectacular. Serving suggestion: grate some cheese over the top. Though that kind of defeats the purpose of a quick microwave meal.

£1.37, the price at the time of eating, is a bit much for what you get. I wouldn’t really want to spend more than £1 on this.

Feels a bit lacking in substance- some chicken or ham mixed in would be amazing.

Finished eating it now, and still feel hungry!

Pleasant enough, try and get it cheap, and fill it out with cheese and ham/chicken.

This is a lot smaller than it looks in the picture, so that’s a disappointment- this is a small lunch, or a snack, rather than a MEAL…

What’s great is that this is 1 of your 5 a day! As a student, that’s really handy. That’ll be my first portion in a few days!

Once again I’ve tinkered with the recipe and added some cheese. I’m glad I did so; the sauce isn’t as creamy as Heinz seems to think it is.

Perfect, simple microwave instructions. The only disappointment is that the packaging isn’t recyclable.

The pasta isn’t too soft, it’s really nice. Penne pasta is sent from the Gods. But the sauce has too much tomato.