Hungry Joe’s Chicken Curry with Rice & Naan

I’ve not come across Seriously Hungry Joe’s before. With a name like that, it’s got an expectation to fulfil, and boy does it fill it.

For a microwaveable meal, this is a big curry – there’s plenty of curry, plenty of rice, and a naan, which should leave you feeling pretty full.

The downside is the lengthy prep – you’ll be waiting about a quarter of an hour for your food, and you have to faff around with water halfway through the cooking process, so it’s not like you can just put on an episode of Friends and forget about it.

The film quality isn’t great, so the “peel back the film lid and stir” instructions are laughable (I totally mangled my plastic).

But how does it taste? Well, the sauce is very mild, like a korma but not as creamy. It’s slightly on the watery side. And there’s a surprisingly strong presence of onions, with a slight crunchiness to them, throughout the sauce. The rice is a little on the chewy side; I’ve had better.

The naan bread is actually very good! Not chewy or sweaty like a microwave naan can easily be, and with a nice clovey flavour. Still a million miles from a ‘real’ one you’d get in a restaurant, but better than expected nonetheless.

If you have a big freezer (this box is pretty chunky!) then maybe stock up on these for a rainy day.