Kershaws Fish and Chips with Mushy Peas

At first sight, this looks promising, and looks as though it really could be the fish and chip shop experience from the comfort of one’s own home. In anticipation I sprinkled salt, added vinegar and squirted ketchup to accompany what was, I hope, going to be a nice meal.

The mushy peas are pretty good, if a little on the runny side, and there is a very generous quantity of it. Kershaws have understood that not everybody will have ketchup to hand so they’ve given us something to wet our chips with. Good start!

These are my kind of chips; slightly soggy and fatty, not thick solid potato. However, these microwave chips are a bit on the chewy side and are pretty tasteless.

The fish was probably the biggest disappointment- the batter does not crisp in the slightest, and the fish positively squelched as I slid it from the container to the plate. The fish inside the soggy batter is grey, flaky and a bit meagre. Still, the flavours are all there.

Not a bad effort.