Princes Chicken Curry With Rice

I really didn’t trust this one- a complete chicken curry and rice meal, ready to eat in less than two minutes in the microwave, with a year long shelf life and no need to keep in the fridge.

I mean, it’s BRILLIANT, but I just don’t trust it.

Awesome fridge-space-saving practicalities aside, there’s an unpleasant taste of cloves and overspiced sauce, as if it’s trying to hide something.

There is quite a bit of chicken, though it’s all very dry and tasteless.

This isn’t what you’d call a delicious meal- in fact, it’s barely passable- but you can’t help but be impressed by what companies can put into long-shelf-life products these days.

The overall inclination is that this is perhaps, like David Mitchell has said of Premier Inn, “better than you might expect.” We expect total rubbish and so the end result isn’t actually too bad.