Rustlers Southern Fried Chicken Burger

I could have sworn I’d reviewed this already – I’ve reviewed a bunch of Rustlers burgers, and this feels like one I’d have picked quite early on!

Alas, I haven’t reviewed it yet – the closest thing from Rustlers being the Rustlers Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Mayo (4/5 – delicious!), and away from Rustlers we have the Feasters Southern Fried Chicken Burger, which was a disappointing 2/5 (but still better than this rubbish from Snacksters).

So, did this fare any better?

I have yet to find a good microwavable Southern Fried Chicken burger. Every one manages to do the impossible, being simultaneously soggy and dry, and both bland and over-peppered. This one is no exception.

The coating is bready, rather than crispy, and there is actually far too much mayo.

It’s not all bad news though. This is probably the best Southern Fried Chicken burger I’ve had from a microwave – but the competition don’t set a very high bar.